Villa Huesgen

The Origin of Great Wines

Origin. Tradition. Home. Family. Wine Culture.

The Villa is the centre piece of the estate. It serves as family seat, company headquarter and is the symbol for the tradition of the Huesgen family. Built by the famous Berlin architect Bruno Möhring it is till a milestone of Art Noveau. Since it’s final completion in 1904, it is the family home and an unique place for many festivities and events. Inside it’s walls the change of history and lifestyle are united. The family estate is the foundation of a great and old wine tradition which is today continued by Adolph Huesgen VIII.

„To enjoy means to cherish craftsmanship. To make fine wines means to me to savor and protect nature in the tradition of my ancestors.“


A piece of lifestyle - made by happy people

VILLA HUESGEN represents tradition, the region Mosel and an uncomplicated lifestyle. Our highest priority is the production of outstanding wines - fine modern Riesling wines each of them unique and of exceptional quality to be enjoyed on any occasion.

„To enjoy means to show attitude. It is the aim of VILLA HUESGEN to satisfy the taste of our clients and in our wines. That means to us a piece of lifestyle that makes us happy.“ 

„To enjoy means happiness. It is such a great fortune that we are able to taste, smell, feel, see and enjoy so differently. It is exactly that fortune that we savor and happily invest every effort.“

Adolph Huesgen

Deeply rooted and cosmopolitan

Adolph Huesgen VIII, the owner was born on the Mosel and is cosmopolitan at the same time. As a wine merchant he has travelled the world, but as a wine grower, he is deeply rooted to the region. Like his ancestors he has built a close realtionship with international wine merchants, is a friend of „Savoir Vivre“ and is still in harmony with the wine culture on the Mosel.

Today, he manages the family company, founded in 1735, in the eighth generation. His passion for wines comes natural. To create something unique is part of his character. Adolph Huesgen VIII has reshaped the family business with much idealism and sense of innovation into a modern winery, which was renamed as VILLA HUESGEN in 2005. The estate and its wines are dominated by its casual, elegant style which is expressed by the motto ‚Made by happy people‘.

Villa Huesgen Team Weinberg

Villa Huesgen Team

Passionate, full of enthusiasm, the big picture in view

The VILLA HUESGEN team shares the passion and enthusiasm for expressive Riesling wines. Love of the region, work with and in nature, the enthusiasm for the product and a positive attitude towards life distinguish the team ‚happy people‘. Everybody is part of the team and stands behind the estate and it’s philosophy. If you meet the people and their enthusiasm you will be able to taste the passion in the glass. 

„To enjoy means to take one‘s time, for each other and together. Thus, ideas grow and togetherness. Everything that has to do with great wines needs time. And we take the time to create culinary experiences.“

Old Wine Cellars Villa
Wine Culture

Cheers to enjoyment

The right people at the right time in the right place: These are the moments you don‘t forget. Therefore, the VILLA HUESGEN team celebrates wine culture and creates the here and now for an unforgetable experience. For Adolph Huesgen it is important to create a special atmosphere in the Villa Huesgen. According to the motto of the Vienna Secession from 1897 that „Art is for everybody“ the family lives an open house. In the tasting rooms and the magnificent gardens the VILLA HUESGEN team welcomes guests for tastings and cultural events.

„To enjoy means to support diversity. Nothing is more inspiring than to collect new impressions. It is an ultimate kick for the senses.“

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FEWO Sofa14small

Your vaccation home

VILLA HUESGEN Holiday flat at the Mönchhof

The holiday flat of the VILLA HUESGEN Wine Estate is nestled between the Art Nouveau villa, the Mönchhof, an historical monument,  and a spacious private park. The very bright 76 sqm holiday flat for 2-4 peolple with a view to the Moselle is located on the first floor of a small detached house and consists of a spacious eat-in kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom with shower and an entrance hallway on the ground floor.

Please send you requests to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

VH Collage Grand Cru

VILLA HUESGEN Grand Cru Vineyards

Character wines from the best sites

VILLA HUESGEN Grand Cru wines are the true-to-nature reflection of great vineyards and their terroir. The steep slate sites Steffensberg, Bei der Kanzel, Zeppwingert, Gaispfad, Birm and Bergpächter, where these Grand Cru wines grow, were assigned to the highest level according to the "Prussian site classification of 1868".

With respect and responsibility for nature, vinified 100% by hand and selectively harvested by hand, they are vinified traditionally - true to the principle of "controlled idleness" - allowing what nature dictates. The result is complex wines with a multi-layered texture and the expressive character of their site.

  • Alte Reben Riesling wurzelecht Enkircher Steffensberg

    alte Reben Wurzelecht
    Elegant, distinctive nose of vineyard peach, pineapple, orange blossoms and lemon zest. On the palate juicy fruit and fresh acidity. Forceful with depth and length.
    Topic: A delicate wine for special occasions.
    Site: Enkircher Steffensberg
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Special quality wine
    Age of the vines: Over 60 years
    Vineyard cultivation: 

    Trellis breeding, no use of herbicides, sustainable farming

    Vinification: Wooden barrel
    Ageing potential: 10 years and more
    Food Matches: Light meat dishes from veal, chicken or pork like Saltimbocca or cheeses like Manchego or Parmesan.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • Auslese Riesling Enkircher Zeppwingert

    Enkircher Steffensberg Auslese

    Distinctive and clear nose of ripe stone fruit, exotic fruit, honey, white flowers and herbs. Nicely balanced palate with a fine sweetness and a crisp acidity. Complex with depth, creamy texture and a long aftertaste.

    Topic: Elegant and exclusive food partner, especially dessert wine.
    Site: Enkircher Zeppwingert
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Special quality wine Auslese
    Age of the vines: 30-50 years
    Vineyard cultivation:

    Trellis breeding, no use of herbicides, sustainable farming

    Vinification: Cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks, gravity flow principle, spontaneous fermentation with a longer maceration
    Ageing potential:  25 years and more
    Food Matches: Perfect with Foie Gras, ripened blue cheese like Stilton or Roquefort. With desserts like Crème Brulée or a warm apple crumble.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

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VH Flaschen Estate

VILLA HUESGEN Single Vineyard

Individuality of the region

VILLA HUESGEN single vineyard wines reflect the typical characteristics of traditionally best sites and their incomparable character. Sustainable and careful work in the vineyard and cellar give rise to mineral and elegant wines, that represent the climate, soil and their grape varieties. 

  • Enkircher Steffensberg Riesling Kabinett semi dry

    Enkircher Steffensberg Kabinett feinherb
    An aromatic nose with expressive fruit like apricot and peach, candied lemons, white lilies and hints of mild herbs. Beautiful balance of sweetness and acidity, delicate and elegant with a nice length.
    Topic: A classic from the Mosel and elegant food match.
    Site: Enkircher Steffensberg
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Special quality wine medium dry
    Age of the vines: 30-50 years
    Vineyard cultivation: 

    Trellis breeding, no use of herbicides, sustainable farming

    Vinification: Stainless steel tanks, spontaneous fermentation with a longer skin contact
    Ageing potential:  10 years and more
    Food Matches: Great with Asian food like a light Thai curry, Sushi but also nice with ripe cheeses like Brie.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • Enkircher Zeppwingert Riesling Spätlese fruity sweet

    Villa Huesgen Enkircher Zeppwingert Spätlese

     Fine sweetness with delicate melting and complex, ripe fruit aromas. Well balanced, fresh acidity.

    Topic: The single vineyard (“Wingert” meaning wine garden is the oldest German terms for a piece of land cultivatedwith vines) is located in the Starkenburger hills and is marked by a very quartzite soil rich of iron. The steepestslope is directed south and its vineyards consist of especially old ungrafted vines with small yields. They produce powerful Riesling wines with great expression.
    Site: Enkircher Zeppwingert
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Prädikatswein Spätlese
    Age of the vines: Over 50 yeards
    Vineyard cultivation: 

    Single-pole cultivation, no use of herbicides,100% handmade

    Vinification: Cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks, gravity flow principle, spontaneous fermentation with a longer maceration.
    Ageing potential:  25 years and more
    Food Matches: Fine aperitif and for contemplative enjoyment
    Fact Sheet  pdf

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VH Winery


Authentic wines of the region

VILLA HUESGEN's single-varietal and varietal-typical estate wines come from the high-quality slate vineyards in Traben-Trarbach and Enkirch. Gentle grape processing and controlled fermentation in the cellars ensure that the wines develop appealing fruit aromas. Fresh and animating wines - "ambassadors of their region".


  • Rosé

    Schiefer Riesling
    This Rosé is made of Pinot Noir grapes with optimal ripeness, hand picked and pressed off skins immediately to encourage depth of flavour and structure. The slate soil and the young vines reveal a wine with aromas off fresh red fruits.
    Topic: Summer in Bottles
    Site: Enkircher Steffensberg
    Grape Variety: 100 % Pinot Noir
    Classification: Quality wine
    Age of the vines:  5 years
    Maturation: Stainless steel tanks
    Ageing Potential: Enjoy now
    Food Matches: Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, risotto, goat cheese
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • Weißburgunder

    In the nose aromas of citrus fruit, citrus zest, green apple and ripe pear. On the palate beautiful fruit and mineral shades with a fine enjoyable acidity.
    Topic: Harmonious and uncomplicated pleasure.
    Site: Mosel
    Grape Variety: 100 % Pinot Blanc
    Classification: Quality wine dry
    Age of the vines: 10-15 years
    Vinification: Stainless steel tanks
    Ageing potential: 2 years and more
    Food Matches: Ideal with green and white asparagus. In the summer served chilled with grilled dishes.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • Blue Slate Riesling Trabener Würzgarten

    Schiefer Riesling
    An elegant nose with fine fruit aromas like mirabelle, apricot and lemon zest. On the palate fresh acidity, elegant fruit, modest minerality and a beautiful citrus flavor in the background. Medium length with a long aftertaste.
    Topic: The perfect food match, mineral and dry.
    Site: Trabener Würzgarten
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Quality wine dry
    Age of the vines:  20-30 years
    Maturation: Stainless steel tanks
    Ageing Potential: 5 years and more
    Food Matches: Tastes great to light meat and fish dishes such as Viennese Schnitzel, boiled beef, sole, bouillabaisse, hearty salads or a herb risotto.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • HUESGEN & MARGAN Riesling Trabener Würzgarten - Special Edition

    Schiefer Riesling

    Nine generation of German grape growing have met one generation of Australian winemaking to make this instriguing Mosel Riesling. A friendship over continents stretching back almost 40 years has resulted a collaboration of limited production. Using German handcrafted viticulture and handpicked at optimum ripeness before made using Australian winemaking.


    Special Edition: Huesgen & Margan Collaboration

    Site: Trabener Würzgarten
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Quality wine dry
    Age of the vines:  30 years

    Using modern Australian winemaking techniques

    Aging Potential: 5 years and more
    Food Matches: Tastes great to light meat and fish dishes such as Viennese Schnitzel, boiled beef, sole, bouillabaisse, hearty salads or a herb risotto.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • PREMIERE: Pinot Noir

    Schiefer Riesling
    This Pinot Noir presents itself in ruby red and charms with a nose of dark fruit such as blackberry with soft hints of strawberry. On the palate fine notes of dark chocolate, vanilla and fresh coconut with well implicated wood and soft, velvety tannins. The wine is an excellent combination of freshness and warmth with a beautiful flow and long finish. 
    Site: Mosel
    Grape Variety: 100 % Pinot Noir
    Classification: Quality wine
    Age of the vines:  10 years
    Vinification: Hand harvest, destemming and repeated selection, gravity flow, must fermentation with punch downs, spontaneous fermentation, in Barrels for 15 Months
    Ageing Potential:  10 years plus
    Food Matches: Deer, wild boar, mushrooms, Brie de Meaux and goat cheese
    Fact Sheet  pdf

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VH Flaschen Collection


Made to enjoy the moment

The Collection wines stand for the long and international trading tradition of the house of Huesgen and the connection to the important wine-growing regions in Germany. Uncomplicated wines, for every occasion, that give pleasure.

  • ByTheGlass Riesling

    In the nose aromas of juicy fruit like ripe apple and apricot with a hint of lemon. On the palate well balanced with a fresh acidity, elegant fruit and a discreet minerality. Glacéed lemon on the finish.
    Topic: Uncomplicated wine enjoyment and an ideal food partner for every day.
    Site: Mosel
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Quality wine dry
    Age of the vines: 10-15 years
    Vinification: Stainless steel tanks
    Ageing potential: 2 years and more
    Food Matches: Ideal with many dishes that are prepared with white wine such as pasta with shell fish.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • Lieblingssünde Pinot Gris

    Yellow in the glass it seduces with aromas of honey melon, almonds and a hint of peaches.
    Thema: For all other beautiful moments that make life worth living. 
    Region: Palatinate
    Grape Variety: 100 % Pinot Gris
    Classification: Qualitätswein
    Alter der Reben:  
    Ausbau: Stainless steel tanks
    Ageing potential: 2-3 years
    Passt zu: An accompaniment to most dishes.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

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VH Winery

VILLA HUESGEN Sparkling Wines

An attitude to life

VILLA HUESGEN sparkling wines are based on 100% Riesling as the base wine and come from the high-quality vineyards in Traben-Trarbach and on the Saar. Conscious vineyard care and the careful selection of the grape material stand for the best qualities. Whether for glittering parties with friends or sophisticated enjoyment, sparkling wine is the highlight of wine culture.


  • Mademoiselle Riesling Sekt Brut Méthode traditionelle

    Mademoiselle Sekt Riesling
    Elegant nose with aromas of Brioche and hints of hazelnut. Delicate Riesling fruit. Finely beaded mousse, very dry with only 5 g residual sugar.
    Topic: Elegant aperitif or food partner
    Site: Trabener Würzgarten
    Rebsorte: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Quality wine dry
    Age of the vines: 30-50 years
    Vinification: Maturation: 2/3 stainless steel tanks, 1/3 barrique, over 12 months on the yeast, Méthode Traditionelle
    Ageing potential: 5 years and more
    Food Matches: Great with oysters, lobster, fish pies or different quiches and carpaccio.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • Riesling Sekt

      Fine fruity aromas typical for Riesling with a pleasant fresh acidity and a fine minerality.
    Topic: Nice fizzy aperitif or summer drink.
    Site: Wiltinger Scharzberg/Saar
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Quality wine dry
    Age of the vines: 20-30 years
    Vinification: Stainless steel tanks
    Ageing potential: 2 years and more
    Food Matches:  Salty biscuits, strawberries and peaches.
    Fact Sheet  pdf

  • Pet Nat Riesling

    An unfiltered and yeast-transparent Riesling pearl wine with a delicate perlage. Wonderfully creamy. With aromas of citrus, orange peel and ripe yellow apples

    A sparkling wild aperitif

    Site: Mosel
    Grape Variety: 100 % Riesling
    Classification: Semi sparkling wine
    Age of the vines: 10-15 years
    Vinification: bottle fermentation
    Ageing potential: enjoy now
    Food Matches:  Sushi, salmon, summer salads
    Fact Sheet  pdf

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Weinberg Weinberg Schiefer

Spoilt by nature

The Mosel is Germany’s oldest wine growing region and due to the moderate climate offers the best growing conditions for the Riesling vine. With its steep slate slopes, the Middle-Mosel offers this grape variety a long ripening season with excellent results.

VH Lagenkarte quer
Vineyards and soils


The unique combination of steep slopes, slate soils, cool climate and grape variety give the VILLA HUESGEN wines their unmistakable character.
The location of the vineyard with the different soil types in which the vines are rooted, help shape the aromas, acidity and structure of the wine.


Trabener Wrzgarten sw

Trabener Wrgarten Blau Grau Schiefer 2 small


The VILLA HUESGEN vineyard site Trabener Würzgarten
nestles directly next to the twin town of Traben-Trarbach. This steep Moselle site with a slope of up to 44% and orientation to the west has a loose blue-grey slate. The soil, which is already heavily weathered in places, gives the wines their clear, cool and mineral structure. The wines are characterised by distinct smoky and herbaceous notes.


Trabener Wrzgarten sw

Trabener Wrgarten Blau Grau Schiefer 2 small


The VILLA HUESGEN Grand Cru site Enkircher Steffensberg
belongs to the highest level of the "Prussian site classification of 1868". With a slope of up to 38% and a southern exposure, it offers the vines an optimal sun exposure. The deep soil with good water supply consists of ferruginous red and grey slate and gives the wines their powerful structure and elegance.


Trabener Wrzgarten sw

Trabener Wrgarten Blau Grau Schiefer 2 small


The VILLA HUESGEN Grand Cru site Enkircher Zeppwingert
is located on the Starkenburg slope with a west-south-west orientation. The steepest and most terraced site with a slope of up to 51% has a quartzite-rich and ferruginous grey slate soil with a very high heat storage capacity. The vines, which are over 55 years old and are uncrafted, with their low yields produce unique and complex Rieslings. The vineyards are mainly cultivated organically and by hand. By the way, "Wingert" is considered the oldest German term for land planted with vines.


Trabener Wrzgarten sw

Trabener Wrgarten Blau Grau Schiefer 2 small


The VILLA HUESGEN Grand Cru site Ürziger Würzgarten
One of the most famous and unique vineyards of the Moselle is located at Ürzig and geologically belongs to the "Wittlicher Senke". The deep, stony, copper-red slate soil ("Rotliegendes") of volcanic origin, is characterised by its good water and heat storage capacity, as well as good aeration. The site is oriented south to east-south-east, with a slope of up to 69%. Exotic, spicy wines with elegant acidity and expressive site character are produced here, as well as a special ripening potential.
"The name of the vineyard refers to a method that was common until the 17th century of blending wines with herbs that were planted in a special spice garden" (from: Weinatlas Deutschland).

Kellerei 7080 2 Team
Wine cultivation

Modern and authentic 

In the cellars, we continue what we started in the vineyards. We try to preserve and improve the harvested quality by innovative cellar techniques, experience and sensitive treatment. But intuition is significant. Here, we trust our cellar master Edgar Schneider.


Wine stamped by craft and character

VILLA HUESGEN wines are cultivated and aged in stainless steel tanks and Barrique casks and wooden Stockinger barrels.

Ado mit Glas Weinlese
Wine growing

Craftmanship meets zeitgeist

VILLA HUESGEN wines are a result of a very high quality standard which is applied in the vineyards as well as in the cellar. Strict quantity restrictions combined with pruning and cutting out the leafs are normal procedures. The grapes are hand-picked in various selective stages. Only healthy and physiological ripe grapes are brought into the cellars where they are treated under ideal conditions. 

„To enjoy means commitment. You have to work hard to produce good quality. Our motto is: quality is produced in the vineyards and must be preserved in the cellars.“


Logo FAIRN GREEN png weiss


In August 2019 Weingut Villa Huesgen has been rewarded with the certificate FAIR’N GREEN for its sustainable viniculture.

Fair And Green e.V., which was founded in 2013 as an association for higher standard of sustainability, supports its members to obtain a higher standard in conservation, environmental viticulture, higher biological diversity, protection of natural resources, fair wages, social engagement, preservation and improvement of the natural environment. FAIR’N GREEN sets minimum standards and supports constant improvements, from procurement to viniculture and wine making to the distribution.

VILLA HUESGEN, since 1735 a family owned winery on the Mosel River, accepts, together with FAIR’N GREEN, the responsibilities for nature and man in the production of its fine wines.

Ahnengalerie Johann Wilhelm Huesgen

Pioneers since the 18th century

Johannes Huesgen I (1697-1762) & Anna Sophia Schneegans

The Huesgen family looks back to a history of several hundred years. In 1735, Johannes Huesgen moved from the Netherlands to the Mosel and founded the wine trading estate Huesgen. He and his wife Angelika Schneegans started a tradition to cultivate wines on the Mosel. He found new ways to connect his trade with the world while still being connected with his hometown.

Johann Wilhelm Huesgen II (1739-1782) & Maria Angelika Huesgen, geb. Scheegans  (1741-1830)

While he expanded the estate with a 150 Fuder cellar and house in Trarbach located directly on the wine road to Frankfurt, the „Grand Dame“ represented the estate with charme, skill and charisma.  Even after the early death of her husband she continued the business. Her portrait stands for all ladies and mademoiselles of the Huesgen family and is used as role model for the Mademoiselle Riesling Sekt Méthode traditionelle.

Johann Wilhelm Huesgen III (1778-1862) & Christine Huesgen (1788-1817), geb.Böcking

Johann Wilhelm Huesgen III was distinguished by his knowledge and his vision. To avoid periods of crisis, he built a new branch in Cologne which via the Rhine River offered easier access to better trade routes. In 1826, Johann Wilhelm Huesgen installed an innovative “revenue-calculation system for vineyards”, and he connected the wine qualities with the planets. However, Christine was more grounded. She inherited for the Huesgen family the “Curpfaelzerhof” estate with the Enkircher Steffensberg, parts of which is today again in the possession of the family.

Adolph Huesgen IV 1816-1873 & Friederike Leipprand (-1903)

He founded the Adolph Huesgen wine company in 1869, managed to improve the trade networks of the business by using the improved railroad- and road network. His technical innovations helped to expand the business.

Adolph Huesgen V (1855-1949) & Ida Huesgen (1863-1930),  geb. Böcking

Nicknamed ‚Mosel Bismarck’ Adolph Huesgen V prepared the way for news directions in his generation. He was considered a great innovator for the wine cultivation, cellar-technique and wine trade . He built one of the largest wine estates on the Mosel, cultivated new vineyards in the estates Wiltingen, Kanzem and Sommerau. His wife Ida inherited the significant Geierslay estate for the family. In 1886 he built with 2000 Fuder (200.000 liters) one of the largest wine cellars, and in 1904 the Art Nouveau family home. 

Adolph Huesgen VI (1901-1945) & Lotte Huesgen (1899-), geb. Haussmann

He started to manage the business in 1925, but died at the age of only 44 during World War II. His wife Lotte took over the business and tradition as the mother of 3 children.

Adolph Huesgen VII (1935-2018) & Lotti Huesgen (1939-2013), geb. Simon

At the young age of 20 years Adolph VII took over the business and extended the trade internationally. In the 1970th, the collapse of the German wine market was a compelling reason to sell the wine estates. In that difficult period he and his wife Lotti didn’t loose their passion for the business, cultivated their business friendships with international partners and set the stage for the VILLA HUESGEN of today.

Villa Huesgen Jugendstil Loewenkopf
Art Noveau

Permanent and timeless

Each period has its own style. The Huesgen home as an Art Nouveau synthesis of the arts has mastered and survived the times, preserved its style and has the potential to reinvent itself all over again.

The Magic of Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau was the last universal artistic style at the turn of the 20th century, practically engulfing the whole western civilization. The style criticized and caricatured the existing society.

The artistic models for the Art Noveau are the organic forms of Mother Nature, especially in the world of animals and plants with its winding, fluid lines. The style has also been influenced by the Japanese art too, with its two dimensional lines and space.

Art Noveau in Traben-Trarbach

Traben Trarbach was the second largest wine trading place town besides Bordeaux at the turn of the century. Traben-Trarbach is marked by its Art Noveau architecture. In 1883, the town got connected to the main railroad corridor between Berlin and Metz, enabled the wine trade to shipments all over the world, and thus created a class of wealthy wine merchants. A leading Art Noveau architect, Bruno Möhring (1863-1929) obtained the commission to build a bridge which connected Traben with Trarbach. Möhring met and connected well with the notabilities and got commissions to build many Art Noveau buildings, one of them Villa Huesgen. He designed the interieur as well as the gardens, creating a unique piece of Art. The property is located between the Mosel river and the railroad track. Next to the home is the building of the former winery, still recognizable by its outer walls. Remarkable is the former theatre hall, in which the guests of the house met for a formal entertainment.

Connecting people and nature

The ideal of Art Noveau is contemporary and has been greatly acknowledged by the members of the 8th generation of the Huesgen family. To incorporate nature in all aspects of the daily life is as important today as it was yesterday.  The VILLA HUESGEN team produces its wines with care and love, passion and the highest claim to their product, encouraging the customers, partners and gourmets to participate in the process. The results of our efforts can be tasted and enjoyed on the estate. Villa Huesgen is an open house, full of atmosphere and beauty, inviting you to spend some time together.

TastingRoom Probenraum Glashalle
Wine Tasting

Wine Tastings in the Art Nouveau ambience

In the Art Nouveau glass hall or in the listed park of Villa Huesgen you will taste a selection of VILLA HUESGEN wines and learn about the traditional history of the Huesgen winery. 

Tasting: 8 wines incl. water and baguette
Duration: approx. 1,5 hours
Cost: 25,00 Euro / person (from 6 persons)
Dates: all year round and by arrangement by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Land Rover Back

Wine Experience Tour with a vintage Land Rover (from August 2023)

On a vintage Land Rover tour you will explore the VILLA HUESGEN steep vineyards in Traben-Trarbach and Enkirch with us and taste wines directly in the terroir. 

Tasting: 8 wines incl. water and baguette
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Costs: 1-2 persons 170 Euro, 3-6 persons 60,00 Euro / person
Date: April to October and by arrangement by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pavillon Ludwig Zimmer

Small Wine Tour" in the VILLA HUESGEN Pavillon

Get to know a selection of VILLA HUESGEN wines in our wine garden with a view of the Moselle and the villa. In addition, let us spoil you with small delicacies. HERE you will find the current menu and wine list >>>

Tasting: 6 wines (3 wine flights of 2 wines each)
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Cost: 10,00 Euro / person 
Dates: during opening hours May-September, Thu-Sun from 4 p.m. onwards



Would you like to give a wine tasting as a gift? You can get vouchers in our VILLA HUESGEN online shop or in our wine shop, Am Bahnhof 56 in Traben-Trarbach.

VH Wein Shop



In the new Wine Shop in Traben-Trarbach buy your VILLA HUESGEN wines directly from the winegrower. Here you will find all VILLA HUESGEN wines, from Riesling, Weißburgunder, Rosé and sparkling wine to the new Pet Nat Riesling as well as other rarities and special offers. We also carry a small selection of wines from our partner wineries San Leonardo, Italy and La Motte and Leopard's Leap from South Africa. Come by, we look forward to your visit!

You will find us: Am Bahnhof 56 in 56841 Traben-Trarbach.
Our opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.00-16.30.



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